Of course guys i was talking about the fabulous and lovely @__Dawn, aka the sun, the moon, the stars and the milkyway of my life.
And i want you guys to meet my annoying waifu.

sky, aesthetic, and peach image sunflower image

First of all guys you need to know that she has:

  • blond/light brown stunning hair
  • beautiful and adorable green/brown eyes which are brighter than the sun
  • cute and charming glasses
  • a lil sweet nose
  • thin lips but still attractive as fuck
  • a irresistible, charming, hot, heavenly and gorgeous dimple on the right cheek ( appealing is not it ? )
yellow, glasses, and aesthetic image flowers, girl, and grunge image

And I know a lot of things about her: she's not only petty ! She's funny ( don't tell her that, she will be unlivable after that ), clever, kind, crazy, sassy and perfect in fact !

But I still know that:

  • She loves Harry Potter and the trauma of her life is the death of Cedric Diggory ( always rest in peace my dude )
  • She likes watching The Simpson and Futurama like a sweet lil kid (but she doesn't even watching Family Guy, what a joke duh !)
harry potter, dessert, and food image the simpsons, sarcastic, and funny image
  • Her favorite songs are Lose it by SWMRS and Don't stop me by Bohemian Rhapsody and the group Green Day
  • She's gay for Emma Watson ( and honestly guys, all girls are gay for Emma )
emma watson and actress image fender, festival, and guitar image
  • One of her favorite book is Looking for Alaska ( but I'm sure that she prefers "Looking for trouble")
  • She likes being weird and dumbass and funny ( and sunflowers )
  • And she fell in love with songs, books, sunsets and the moon
book, flowers, and john green image couple, night, and grunge image
  • but most importantly at my funeral she will do a strip-tease on my grave dressed like this:
Image by evae
  • except that she will surely cheat on me with the handsome Tom Holland, the fabulous Brandon Urie, the sexy Twenty One Pilots's brother and the awesome SWMRS like, I don't know, one second after ( lucky me ! )
P!ATD, brendon, and brendon urie image funny, meme, and reaction image

SO guys this is my annoying and wonderful waifu Dawn Darling ( DD for close fiends )

Et bisous si tu passes pas ici mon coeur <3

The End