h a i r

Image removed aesthetics, beauty, and fashion image Image removed hair, braid, and blonde image

d r e s s e s

dress, fashion, and purple image Image removed dress, purple, and fashion image cool, dress, and lila image

a n i m a l s

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed animals, beautiful, and lilac image fish, pink, and animal image

c a r s

70s, cars, and lavender image automobiles, bmw, and cars image beach, cars, and lilac image cars, purple, and vintage image

n a i l s

Temporarily removed nails, glitter, and pink image nails, purple, and holographic image nails, lipstick, and purple image

f l o w e r s

bouquet, Fleurs, and flowers image Image removed aesthetic, beautiful, and bouquet image flowers, purple, and wallpaper image

m a k e u p

after, purple, and josephine langford image flowers, beauty, and eyes image makeup, beauty, and nails image aesthetic and makeup image

m o v i e s

fairytale, the nutcracker, and mackenzie foy image Temporarily removed dress, sandra bullock, and sexy image Image removed

o u t f i t s

purple, pastel, and aesthetic image Mature image aesthetic, faceless, and girls image Image removed

d i s n e y

Mature image Temporarily removed disney, princess, and rapunzel image disney and peter pan image

f o o d

food, chocolate, and purple image food, macaroons, and sweet image cake image food, purple, and blueberry image

c e l e b r i t i e s

kylie jenner, met gala, and purple image billie, girl, and eilish image ariana grande, gif, and god is a woman image Image by valumarozzi

d r i n k s

drink, purple, and flowers image drink, pink, and purple image lavender image purple, aesthetic, and lavender image

s h o e s

purple, flowers, and shoes image shoes image timberland, shoes, and boots image Image by صغير ونة

d e v i c e

camera, polaroid, and photo image aesthetic, blue, and colors image aesthetic, purple, and telephone image purple, lilac, and theme image

l a n d s c a p e

purple, nature, and tree image nature, forest, and purple image mountains, pink, and nature image purple, sea, and beach image

q u o t e s

purple, aesthetic, and grunge image Image removed Temporarily removed day, have, and lila image

a r c h i t e c t u r e

Temporarily removed flowers, london, and Notting Hill image architecture, beautiful, and building image Temporarily removed

b o o k s

flowers, book, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and theme image books, botanical, and flowers image Temporarily removed

tv s h o w s

blair waldorf, gossip girl, and leighton meester image Image removed Image removed scream queens, moonlight, and ariana grande image