Do you know what it's like to have a mental illnes?
Well, I do.
And if you know, maybe you'll understand this.
If you don't, let me introduce you to this endless maze.

First of all: The morning

When we wake up, the anxiety comes, the voices start their work.

"Don't wake up" "Go away" "They are coming for you" "Escape from here right now" -They say.

They are there all day, every single day.

Second phase: Drepression

Anxiety isn't gone yet and now her best friend it's here too.

Depression it's like a bad relationship, it's there when you actually don't need it and just for tell you all your defects.

So, lets talk about chemistry. What do we have when we combine anxiety and depression? Yes, an Anxiety Attack.


If you don´t have it, let me tell you a little bit about this.

Sometimes when you are in your room, or in any other place of your home, school, or wherever. You'll see, smell, hear and feel it.

I don't know what are you seeing, but I do know what I am seeing.

You'll be at home and hear that someone it's knocking at the door.

You'll be at school and see something it's climbing all over your arms.

You'll be with your parents and you'll feel like someone it's stabbing you.


This part is kinda funny for me. But for you may not be the case.

This little friend will help you. Or if you are like me, will not.

But, don't worry! There's always a escape, and I will tell you in another occasion.