hiii you can follow these playlists on my spotify @ angel4roxy-ca ( i have more than 5 songs on each playlist these r just some example songs that i have on them ) https://open.spotify.com/user/angel4roxy-ca?si=LnFMB2o8TsKNQbd5XT3IgA

edgy teen

- simple things by felt tip
- sex by the 1975
- girls your age by transviolet
- sippy cup by melanie martinez
- switchblade by roy blair

aesthetic, alternative, and columbine image grunge, boy, and dark image

feeling alive

- mr bright side by the killers
- out of my league by fitz and the tantrums
- super far by lany
- what you know by two door cinema
- always by blink 182

quotes, words, and alive image aesthetic, feeling, and pale image

on the way home by bus

- scary love by the neighbourhood
- teenage fever by drake
- tenis court by lorde
- fast car by tracy chapman
- lady hear me tonight by modjo

bus, aesthetic, and grunge image aesthetic, black, and dark image

if johnny cade was alive in 2019

- cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant
- daddy issues by the neighborhood
- new flesh by current joys
- robbers by the 1975
- johnny boy by twenty-one pilots

Temporarily removed aesthetic, book, and books image

90s boyfriend

- beautiful by the smashing pumpkins
- all apologies by nirvana
- where is my mind? by the pixies
- breakfast at tiffany's by the big blue something
- stray bullet by kmfdm

brad pitt, boy, and Hot image couple, love, and kiss image