Many might say " gun control is only taking away our second amendment rights." However, those rights are the reason many innocent people lost their lives. The NRA, Trump, and the republicans are a good example as to who may oppose our voices. Hence, some government members get the idea that after the MSD shooting, change is coming. Rep. Keith Ellison has stated " it feels like something has changed". DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar conveyed it to be a "tipping point". Minnpost news has stated " in the wake of the February high school shooting in Parkland, Florida- and the passionate activism that followed from the student survivors of the attack-politicians from Washington to St.Paul were predicting it was a landmark shift in the country's gun debate. Brian G. Rafn, a principal at Morgan Dempsey Capital Management has said about gun control activists "it's like throwing rocks at a U.F.O.- you're not going to do much damage."

Here is a message Brian, our rocks aren't weak and your U.F.O. isn't strong. Our rocks are made of determination, strength, support, love, unity, and peace. Your U.F.O is made out of violence, harm, hatred, and anger. Our rocks have love from the innocent angels above. Your U.F.O. has "love"' from the NRA and republicans. Our damage will leave your U.F.O. into pieces, and at that time, we will be diamonds, and you guys will be pebbles.