Start the week with something elegant and relax at the same time. For example, a good sweater with a simple pants, sneakers, and to add some shinee you can use a necklace.

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A black shirt is always a good option, a high jeans with a big belt. Wear a basic blazer and add a nice purse; of course, don't forget your beautiful heels.

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Middle of week. I recommend to you , wear something more style. A white sweater, high skinny jeans, and ankle boots, don't forget your favorite bag.

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Less for weekend!! and what's better than a skirt? skirt, turtleneck (ur fav color), and a simple coat ...yes, another coat haha but is perfect for all type of outfit, and to finish a booty.

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Fridaaaay finally! perfect for this day is a beautiful dress with a jeans jacket, and sneakers.

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My favorite day, you can wear something cute to go out with friends, go to the beach, or just stay at home.

Sneakers, shirt, plaid shirt, a wide high jeans. Use your backpack if you want and ready to go out!

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The most lazy day, perfect for something simple.

A hoodie, high skinny jeans and sneakers. I recommend a simple hairstyle.

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