Inspired by

A. The walking dead
B. Supernatural
C. The originals
D. Sleepy Hollow
E. Shameless
F. Grey's Anatomy
G. Dark angel
H. Good Omens

A-1. Daryl Dixon

aesthetic, the walking dead, and daryl dixon image america, faith, and grunge image Temporarily removed Abusive image

A-2. Carol Peletier

aesthetic, the walking dead, and carol peletrier image quotes, survive, and tumblr image knife, black, and black and white image the walking dead, carol, and twd image

B-1. Dean Winchester

supernatural, dean winchester, and tattoo image Temporarily removed Abusive image supernatural, dean winchester, and Jensen Ackles image

B-2. Castiel

supernatural, castiel, and alternative image Temporarily removed supernatural, castiel, and misha collins image Temporarily removed

B-3. Sam Winchester

eyes, funny, and handsome image book, aesthetic, and coffee image coffee, laptop, and apple image fashion and shoes image

C-1. Elijah Mikaelson

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed drink and alcohol image fashion, men, and man image

C-2. Niklaus Mikaelson

blood, boy, and dark image Temporarily removed character, edit, and fandom image Abusive image

D-1. Ichabod Crane

sleepy hollow and tv series image aesthetic, dark, and dead image series, sleepy hollow, and fox image sleepy hollow, gothic, and dark image

E-1. Mickey Milkovich

aesthetic, archive, and gallagher image grunge, cigarette, and pale image bodies, boys, and gay image Temporarily removed

F-1. Christina Yang

college, medicine, and study image heart and red image Temporarily removed grey's anatomy, teenage, and quotes image

F-2. Alex Karev

Temporarily removed Image by greysarfati Abusive image jeans, aesthetic, and denim image

G-1. Max Guevara

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Moon lover Image by Moon lover Image by Moon lover

H-1. Crowley

quotes, burn, and text image Temporarily removed car and vintage image crowley, david tennant, and good omens image