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in this days I'm planning my next mountain travel between Dolomites and today I just want talk you about hiking. When I was a child, I must admit, I didn't like hiking at all! Now my idea is change and I really like go outdoor! Hiking is definitely an amazing and healthy way to spend time in contact with nature and admiring beautiful landscapes.

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Today, I just want to show you 10 essentials you should never forget to put in your backpack if you decide to go hike! Are you ready? Okay, let's start!

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Water bottle aka savior. Water is essential to keep your body hydrated. While you hike, your body dehydrates and many times, because of cool and cold temperatures, you do not realize it until you're really thirsty!

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Remember: don't drink cold water and drink slowly! Also, do not finish all the water you brought: it could be a real savior in case of whatever emergency.


During hiking, your body uses a big amout of your energy! You should decide the best kind food for you in order to the duration of your adventure! If you're planning a quik afternoon hike some good snacks will be great, but you'll need a better meal for a day trip. In both cases, the best foods for hike are those who have ample energy!

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For your afternoon hike, mixed bars or chocolate bars are a good energy resource!
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For your day trip, a good homemade sandwich (with cheese, ham and salad) with a small but nutritious portion of fruit is the best energy resource!


You must carry a medical kit which should include a cream for bruises, antiseptic whipes or lotions, bandaids for cuts and a good hand sanitizer; furthermore, an insect repellent keeps away the most disturbing insects: use it before starting your excursion. Don't forget to add to your medical kit tampons or menstrual pads and tissues!

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Hand sanitizer protects you from germs and you can use it when your hands feel dirty! The medical kit helps you in case of minors health issues, as small cuts, scratch or bruises.


Protect your skin from bad Sun rays is always important, most of all during hiking, when you usually reach highest place where the intensity of Sunlight is more aggressive then lower areas.

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You can also bring a lip balm for hydrate your lips and protect them from sun rays too!


Also eyes and your head needs to be protected from Sunight! For this reason, you should bring with you a cool pair of sunglasses (with sun rays' protection) and a cap!

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They are also fashion!

#6: A MAP

A map helps you to understend your personal preferences and understend the best path to follow. When you're hiking, you could find very interesting to check the map and read some nice facts about mountains, lakes and river around you!

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Map also assure you to track yourself, wherever you are! It's better to use map: sometimes cell's GPS could not work!


In high mountain wheater changes very fast; it frequently rains in early afternoon! That's why you should include in your backpack an umbrella and a raincoat! Raincoat protects you from strong wind too!

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I'll be honest with you, I don't like to use umbrella while hiking because I don't feel comfortable, but I always bring it with me! I prefer using my raincoat.


Cause it's too cold for you here and now so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater. Okay okay, I stop it!! A sweater is one of the most important items to insert in your backpack for an hike: Weather could repeatedly change from hot sunny to cool, windy and cloudy!

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Sweater can be tied around the waist when it becomes less hot! They are always trend!


Of course, you have to bring your phone with you in your hike! Don't forget your powerbank for charging your phone a good pair of earphones!

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You might love listen to some of your favourite songs while you take a break from the hike, while admiring to the breathtaking landscape in front of you!


Last but not least, the one that for me is the most important item in this list: my camera! I love taking photos during my hike! It doesn't matter if it is a reflex, a mirrorless or a compact camera, you should have something to capture your favourites moments from the trip!

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It doesn't matter what you shot, your pic will be a memory which will make you happy when the trip will be ended!

I hope this article has interested you and I hope you've found it nice and also useful! I'm sorry for some grammar errors, English is not my first language, but I'm improving!!
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