So I've seen a bunch of these on WHI for a while now so I figured: why not make my own? So without further ado, let me show you some awesome places ;)

beautiful, cliff, and ireland image Image by Robert Saddler ireland, love my country, and flag t shirt image dublin, ireland, and templebar image
Ireland: By far one of the most beautiful countries in my opinion and one that has a special place in my heart because of the heritage I have from this incredible place. I've been wanting to go since I was a child just to soak up the culture: music, language, and especially the food lol.
australia, holiday, and opera house image australia, iron, and sand dunes image amazing, colorful, and fave image quote and australia image
Australia: Always wanted to go here! It's so lovely and the accents are so amazing - I wish I had one like that lol ;) Besides that though, the weather is incredible and I hear Fairy Bread is great too XD
egypt holiday packages image egypt, ancient, and art image ancient, egypt, and moon image egypt, mosque, and travel image
Egypt: Oh gosh, I've wanted to go here since I was a kid - I used to watch so many documentaries on pyramids and mummies and all things Egyptian back then lol. It's a truly amazing country, it really is - being around since the ancient days, this place has such a rich history and culture. So many cool things to explore here!
thailand, Andaman sea, and krabi province image thailand, krabi, and ao nang image Chicken, chinese, and poultry image architecture, city, and travel image
Thailand: Ever since I started watching Asian dramas and got introduced to this tiny Asian country, I've always wanted to go. It looks so incredible, the people seem so nice and the blue of the water is out of this world - at least to me anyway haha.
moscow, red, and russia image moscow, river, and snow image anastasia, dance, and palace image architecture, art, and russia image
Russia: A gorgeous country steeped in mystery and prestige that goes back for hundreds of years, back to the old royal families and beyond that to fur traders and the like. Super cold though so a short visit would be just fine for me haha!
borneo, forest, and explore image lodge, rainforest, and valley image borneo, mountain, and photography image big cat, cat, and wild cat image
Borneo: A lovely island amongst the Malay Archipelago, ever since I read about this place, I've wanted to go! I feel like it's one of the more unknown and less popular vacationing places but to me, it's so exotic and beautiful! With lush forests and deep blue water, it looks like paradise on earth. Not to mention the interesting wildlife this small island has to offer!

Well, that's about all the places I can think of at the moment that I want to go to but haven't been. Stay tuned for more articles from me if you like this one - I may write more in the future ;)