If no one's told you "love is hard", you might have been living under a rock. Regardless, you probably still dream of that perfect life with the one you love.
But for those of you who have had that "perfect love" and lost it, I'm here to comfort you. Because it's not your fault love doesn't work out. Love is really difficult.

I know that when you're in love or love someone you forget everything around you. The only thing that exists is that euphoric feeling of comfort and it feels like everything explodes inside you - but in a good way.
Obviously, each time we think it will last forever - and maybe one of the times we try, it will.
But when it doesn't, it can be one hell to get out of.

Because when you're hurt emotionally, your body responds the same way it would physically. It runs on adrenaline. And when that adrenaline runs out, it looks for more. It creates more.
Sometimes, by hurting itself again.
Like pinching yourself in the arm to take your mind off the busted lip you have.

And when you're hurt, you look for comfort. For the comfort that you used to have in that one person that now caused all your hurt. So you run back to them, again and again. Until you're so broken you're numb. Until every feeling is just a mix of one another.
If you haven't made up every scenario to get rid of the feeling by this part of the story, you're not here yet.

But the best part is, that you will get here eventually. In your time. And when you do, you will be able to move on.
From there, the circle begins again. Hopefully with a better ending.