Hey guys I recently picked up an interest in healing crystals because my godmother was really spiritual as a teenager and she introduced me to them. I think it's really positive and something everyone should try at least once. Here's a list of the most common crystals, what they do, and then i'll explain how to use them.
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First, how they work (for you silly skeptics):

Healing gemstones connect us to the earth because they're tangible forms with powerful vibrations. You can tap into this energy simply by touching your stones or having them close to you. With every thought and intention you have your crystals will pick up your positive energy and amplify it. Crystals have unique energy vibrations that assist with different aspects of your life.

How to choose a crystal:

It's really best to choose your first crystals in person, so if there's an earthbound trading company near you i recommend that. If not, just look up other stores near you that sell healing crystals. When it comes to picking them use your intuition- aka trust your gut. When I got my first crystals I asked the lady at the register for help and she told me to look at all of them and the one i kept going back to was the one i needed most. Once you find one like that you can look up its properties and see what it will help you with.

How to use them:

This part is actually really simple. All you need to do is keep them near you, or in a room you're most often in. I keep mine on a hamsa hand platter on my bedside table. When you go out and about you can put some in your purse or your pocket. They usually work best when you touch them, so every once and a while try to hold them. Many people choose to wear theirs so they're always in contact with their crystals. After about 2-4 weeks you will need to charge them. This is because you're using their energy and they will need to replenish it. Charging them is easy, there are many different ways to do it but the easiest is to set them outside for 24 hours where they can get direct sun and moonlight. Once you charge them you might need to cleanse them, this is because you're using their positive energy and they might be absorbing your negative energy. To cleanse them all you need to do is mix a tbsp of salt into a cup of water and let them sit in it for a few hours.

10 Common stones and their properties!

1. Quartz
crystal, pastel, and rainbow image
Harmony, Energy, Healing, Psychic Abilities, Clarity, Calmness
2. Turquoise
Temporarily removed
Purification, Serenity, Protection, Wisdom, Balance, Strength, Friendship, Love, Positive thinking
3. Amethyst
crystal, pink, and purple image
Increases nobility, Spiritual awareness, Psychic Abilities, Inner Peace, Healing of mind body & soul, Relieves stress, Aids in communication, Balance
4. Lapis Lazuli
jewelry, lapis lazuli, and lapis image
Inner truth, Inner power, Love, Purification, Intuition, Positive magic, Self confidence, Friendship
5. Citrine
crystal, stone, and yellow image
Happiness, Prosperity, Generosity, Creativity, Pleasure, Protection, Strength, Alignment, Confidence, Stability, Positive energy, Comfort, Inner truth, Enjoyment of life, Spiritual growth
6. Agate
blue, stones, and agate image
Love, Wealth, Good Luck, Acceptance, Courage, Strength, Protection, Safety, Security, Balance, Harmony, Generosity, Appreciation of nature
7. Jade
green, jade, and tumbled stone image
Stability, Fertility, Serenity, Wisdom, Balance, Peace, Harmony, Perspective
8. Rose Quartz
Temporarily removed
Self- love, Caring, Kindness, Friendship, Love, Compassion
9. Labradorite
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Promotes psychic abilities, Strengthens willpower, Stimulates imagination, Calming, Reveals truth,
10. Jasper
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Relaxation, Compassion, Contentment, Peace, Banishes fears, Calming, Protective


I hope you guys enjoyed this article! I hope it taught you something new! I definitely recommend trying out healing crystals, because they also heal physical aspects of your body that i didn't mention. If you liked this article please check out my account and my other articles! <3