a r i e s ;
colour ; red
element ; fire
symbol ; the ram
strengths ; confident, courageous, adventurous
weaknesses ; egoist, aggressive, impatient

Drake, girls, and red image Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and statue image aesthetic, alone, and depressed image
the born leader

t a u r u s ;
colour; green
element; earth
symbol; the bull
strengths; reliable, devoted, caring
weaknesses; stubborn, possessive, argumentative

art image love, quotes, and classic image Image by h e a v e n l y rose, flowers, and nature image
the naturalist

g e m i n i ;
colour; yellow
element; air
symbol; the twins
strengths; affectionate, curious, witty
weaknesses; superficial, indecisive, cunning

yellow, girl, and aesthetic image Clueless, as if, and movie image yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image Abusive image
the thinker

c a n c e r ;
colour; white
element; water
symbol; the crab
strengths; sympathetic, intuitive, sentimental
weaknesses; narcissistic, moody, sensitive

blue, life, and reality image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It beach, ocean, and aesthetic image
the nurturer

l e o ;
colour; gold
element; fire
symbol; the lion
strengths; passionate, generous, loving
weaknesses; arrogant, lazy, self-centred

beach, aesthetic, and ocean image Image by — rage. Image removed Image removed
the entertainer

v i r g o ;
colour; beige/green
element; earth
symbol; the maiden
strengths; kind, trustworthy, hard-working
weaknesses; critical, anxious, inflexible

girl, beauty, and face image call me by your name, quotes, and movie image green, city, and indie image shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image
the intellect

l i b r a ;
colour; pink
element; air
symbol; the scales
strengths; social, balanced, charming
weaknesses; indecisive, self-piteous, susceptible

quotes, life, and pink image pink, sky, and clouds image Temporarily removed aesthetic, pink, and rose image
the lover

s c o r p i o ;
colour; red/black
element; water
symbol; the scorpion
strengths; brave, passionate, loyal
weaknesses; jealous, distrusting, vengeful

grunge, music, and Marilyn Manson image gif image red, lips, and aesthetic image sad, quotes, and always image
the warrior

s a g i t t a r i u s ;
colour; purple/blue
element; fire
symbol; the archer
strengths; humorous, ambitious, generous
weaknesses; restless, impatient, rude

Temporarily removed hands, purple, and aesthetic image 70s, 80s, and 90s image aesthetic, alternative, and girls image
the traveller

c a p r i c o r n ;
colour; brown
element; earth
symbol; the goat
strengths; dependable, humorous, realistic
weaknesses; rigid, doubtful, condescending

art, girl, and hair image architecture, aesthetic, and art image Temporarily removed art, beige, and eyes image
the grounded

a q u a r i u s ;
colour; light blue/silver
element; air
symbol; the water-bearer
strengths; imaginative, original, independent
weaknesses; aloof, unemotional, sarcastic

blue, makeup, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and girls image light, purple, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
the artist

p i s c e s ;
colour; sea green/pink
element; water
symbol; the fish
strengths; artistic, gentle, intuitive
weaknesses; fearful, escapist, idle

summer, water, and blue image vintage, car, and retro image aesthetic, Swan, and blue image fish, pink, and blue image
the dreamer