I'm back! Here are some aesthetics for my lovely friends.


kylie jenner image grunge, fashion, and aesthetic image asap rocky, smile, and rap image theme, tupac, and cyber image


cute, aesthetic, and beach image aesthetic, quote, and quotes image day, flower, and girl image basic, girl, and white image
Jesus • Sunflowers • Iced coffee


music, records, and vintage image liv tyler and 90s image harry potter, hogwarts, and bad bitch image aesthetic, picnic, and food image
"I feel so vintage."


grunge, indie, and jacket image aesthetic, gay, and alternative image the office and michael scott image shoes, black, and boots image
"Gay. Thanks for coming to my ted talk."


Temporarily removed joel pimentel, cnco, and cncowners image horse image 35mm, adidas, and alternative image
"Hi I'm Karina, and I make stupid decisions."


camera, aesthetic, and hands image Temporarily removed eyes, eye, and boy image Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cheetos, sky, and aesthetic image tattoo, heart, and aesthetic image


aesthetic, theme, and white image food, McDonalds, and car image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
reads steamy fan fiction*