Skin care is essential for everyone. Here is a small guide on how to build your skin care routine and a few tipps and tricks that will help you to reach healthy and glowing skin.

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also, please visit a dermatologist. i am not a doctor lol.

first and foremost: your skin type and concerns:

  • 1. dry: hydration
  • 2. normal: cleanse & moisturize
  • 3. oily: light hydration
  • 4. combination: balance
  • 5. sensitive: no irritation
  • 6. aging: plump, lift, no dark spots
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skin care: the three main steps

  • cleansing - washing
  • toning - balance
  • moisturizing - hydration
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1. finding a cleanser:

washing your face is the first and most essential step of your skin care routine. wash your face twice a day (mornings and nights) to avoid clogged pores which can cause acne.

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your skin type and the perfect cleanser

  • oily/acne prone: foaming liquid
  • dry/red/eczema prone: cream/lotion
  • sensitive: oil
  • mature: melting balm
  • any: micellar water
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CAREFUL!: FOR PEOPLE WITH EXTREMELY DRY SKIN: “overwashing” can cause extreme dryness to skin which can cause breakouts or acne.

2. finding a toner:

toners are liquids that help your skin to find balance. they have nutrients that absorb easily and support your skin.

  • hyaluronic acid: hydration
  • rose water & green tea: calming irritation
  • vitamin c & e: anti aging
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3. finding a moisturizer:

use moisturizer all year around for all skin types!

your skin type and the perfect moisturizer

  • oily: gel
  • normal/combination: lotion
  • dry: cream/soft cream

PRO TIP: use sunscreen! a lot of sunscreens have a grey-ish or white-ish teint which can be a problem, but sunscreens keep you protected from the UV rays from the sun and keeps your skin away from aging fast.

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  • sometimes less is more.
  • not everything that is high end actually helps your skin.
  • take! your! time!
  • don't mix products with products.
  • apply serums or oils before moisturizers.
  • be gentle with your skin and massage the products in an upwards motion.
  • eye creams aren't necessary.
  • invest in a face mask and use it once a week.
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