Hey its Nefertiti

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The other day, Rihanna attended Kadooment Day in Barbados. Anyone who follows her knows that she goes every other year. She previously went in 2017 and then the year before that in 2015. And so because this year is 2019, many of us were very excited to see what she wore. We were all quite surprised how “covered” she was. Everyone, including me, loved her Cropover dress but a handful of us just did not think it was for Cropover. Some Rihannanavy claim to that it is because of her boyfriend Hassan that she’s covered up this year. I personally don’t think that. I just think it was just the style that she liked. Not only that she still post quite sexy promo photos for SavageXFenty.

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I think this look would have been great at a different event. For instance, if she had attended the Met Gala this year, which the theme was Camp: Notes of Fashion, it would have fit the theme perfectly.

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The night before, at Zirque Carnival, she wore this all black outfit. It consisted of a shirt that ties in the front and a maxi skirt that is from her FENTY Collection. Her whole look was so amazing. It was simple and sexy. I mean you can’t go wrong with all black.

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So I won’t lie I was a bit disappointed by her Cropover outfit, but this is what she chose to wear. And it was no surprise how good she looked in pink 💗. I guess we’ll just have to wait till 2021 to see what she wears anyway.