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Today I want to give you some help with the essays, to look longer and more professional. I know the struggle of writing essays, I've been writing essays for such a long time for school.
I hope I'll be helpful, and let's get started!
Disclaimer: some of these phrases are used by me, some are just found on Google after research.

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  • like - along the lines of
  • in fact - as a matter of fact
  • always - all the time
  • now, currently - at this point in time
  • because - due to the fact that / in light of the fact that
  • by - by the means of
  • to - in order to
  • most - the majority of
  • but - although this may be true
  • yet - on the other hand
  • about - in regards to
  • can - have the ability to
  • the people in - the people who are located in
  • when - on the occasion of
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