Want it or not, the upcoming school year is uproaching us, very quickly. I'm gonna be a senior in highchool, so this year I think will be different but fun.

Every year we start like a blank page. We have the chance to prove ourselves.

To make sure this school year is one of the bests, here are my tips for that.


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Just have everything you need for school prepared. Don't be that kid that asks for a sheet of paper every leson.
That way you write everything down and don't miss something important. And you stay organized.


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This is very important. It gets harder to do in the school year. But to not be stressed out, this is crucial.
You can stay organized by :
- Keeping a planner
- Having different notebook for every class
- Using binders and folders
- Writing down things you have to get done.


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I need to take this tip too. But it's important to be involved in school. You only benefit from it. You make new friends, improve different skills, be more social.
You can join your schools sports team, book club, debates, anything you think you'd enjoy.


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Of coure, if you have to then it's fine. But just because you don't feel like it, then no. You can miss some important stuff if you don't attend certain class. Trust me, I have skipped classes and I've reggreted it.
It's hard to understand after what's even going on. And even harder to study for tests.


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Just be a kind human. Don't make fun of others, don't be rude to teachers. Kindness is such a great quality, and we need it more in life.
And if you see someone being awfu to someone, don't be scared to say something.
But stay away from unnecessary highschool drama. You don't need that in your life.


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If you want to have fun this school year, then you HAVE to attend school events. Whenever, I look back on a school year, the school events are the best memories.
Go to Prom even if you don't have a date.( I didn't have one, all my highschool career) Go with friends.
Go to football games. Alone or with friends, doesn't matter. Just go. If you won't like it, you can go home.


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And of course, you have to study. Don't only study 24/7. Have some fun. But don't forget about your grades. Pay attention in class and do your homework
It will pay off at the end of the school year. And you'll be proud of yourself.

That's it. Hope this was helpful. I hope this school year will be fabulous for you. Which grade are you going to be in?

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Love, Karina.