Thursday, 8 August 2019

Good morning
4:56 AM

It must be 8:28 am at your place. Here it’s 4:58 am. Pretty early right.
4:59 AM

I hope you had a good sleep. 
5:00 AM

You have the busiest year among anyone on this earth. HEHE. I am serious. I mean you have so much to do. Keep working hard. I will always support you. Fighting.
6:30 AM

I missed my salon appointment.
2:45 PM

I realised how much hard work you must be doing. As your company is planning for a big comeback into the industry.
2:47 PM

2:47 PM

Big huh. 
2:48 PM

PLEASE eat right and sleep tight. I will always support you. 
2:48 PM

I am excited about new things.
2:51 PM

You look way too good in your new pictures.
2:52 PM

After a long waiting. They finally agreed. I am dyeing my hair.
3:29 PM

I am having stir fry green beans and potatoes for dinner tonight.
7:16 PM

Make a wish.
11:11 PM

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