This article is to help people with curly hair (this also work with straight and wavy hair) that are struggling to grow their hair longer.

1. Cut Down On Shampoo

Cutting down on shampoo really makes your hair grow. I've tried washing my hair every day and it wasn't really growing. I decided to try co-washing (explained below) my hair and I only washed it 2x a week. Ever since I switched to co-washing my hair has grown all the way to the top of my butt.

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Shampoo strips hair from its natural oils. Washing your hair once to twice a week is recommended.

2. Co-Wash + No more Towels

The first picture shown explains it all.

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Get ready to be out of conditioner all the time

3. Deep Condition

I didn't start deep conditioning until I watched the video shown below. Let me just say I was missing out. Make sure to not skip this step. This makes your curls so nice and gives it so much moisture. You should deep condition 2x a week.

I didn't include anything about heat because I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about it already. But that is it for this article, I hope this helps someone that's trying to grow their hair.

My hair short

My hair long

I know it's hard to tell how long my curly hair is but I hope you can see the difference between my hair in the videos.

Thanks for Reading XOXO