This is my dream life in the Harry Potter series ;)


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- Light brown hair, often in a low ponytail - Green eyes - Pale skin - Wears a lot of denim and high neck-sweaters


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- Polite - A bit of a loner - Loves reading - Great at Arithmancy/math - Anxious - Dreamer - Likes writing - Sarcastic - Slightly pessimistic - Intelligent - Creative

Hogwarts Life

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House - Ravenclaw
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Favourite subjects - Transfiguration and History of Magic
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Best friend - Luna Lovegood
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Crush - Cedric Diggory
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Favourite teacher - Minerva McGonagall
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Least favourite teacher - Severus Snape

After Graduation

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Becomes a writer - Part time job at Flourish and Blotts bookstore in Diagon Alley - "Transfiguration; Tips and Tricks" is the first realese - Goes on a big adventure around the world for a new project- Becomes famous after huge success on a book called "Secret Life of Vampires in China" - The book earns a place in Hogwarts' library
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Adopts a cat - Starts dating Dean Thomas - Eventually marries Dean - Does not have any kids - Lives happily ever after with husband and cat in a big house in Scotland
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Love, Thea K