Today I'm doing something new.

Yesterday (07.08.2019) I saw Bring the Soul and I really wanted to talk with someone about it cause it's sooooo gooood! Apart from the people I follow on Twitter, I know no ARMYs, so I decided to share my thoughts in here as Namjoon did on Weverse.

I'm not going to follow any particular order, I'll just let my mind flow.
Let's start...

- SPOILER ALERT, please don't keep reading if you haven't seen the movie yet, its 100% worth it and very special so don't ruin the surprise. -

I have to address first, it was very emotional. For me at least. But it was also very very funny, calming, and cheerful. I mean, can you expect less from BTS?

One of the most important subjects of the movie was the level of devotion and passion these seven boys have for their job. They literally work too much. Too hard. And they end up being physically destroyed by it. Wich made me really sad. But also, they are where they are because of it. That's why it's them and not any of us mortals.

Apart from the fact that JK's screams of pain are still replaying in my head, haunting me. I get nothing but inspiration to work harder myself and wish for them to take better care of their health.

Edit: I forgot to mention that, after seeing Suga behave fatherly to JK with the 'I don't care if you wanna perform, you go to the doctors now', Namjoon knowing that JK's mental health was more at risk than his body and also seeing the staff being so caring and concerned (we all know that BTS' staff is the most caring, loving staff... but that man scratching JK's hair to make him feel better got me hard), I suddenly left all my worries aside. It was sad to see them hurt or exhausted or ill, but I kept repeating in my head: "They're fine. As long as they are together, they'll be fine". And that's a nice feeling. I was also very glad and grateful at the thought of this year's tour being better.

In the same line as this, another thing that went deep in my mind is that as much as I believe that idols, musicians, artist or etc will never be able to pay back for what fans give to them, BTS is an exception. The exception. ARMYs are the best of the best, one of a kind, fantastic and precious; but BTS is even better. Their sacrifice is bigger. Their hard work is bigger. And I'm just thankful that I got in time to see it.

On a lighter topic, when MIC Drop started with all the red lights... oh my.

MIC Drop is my favourite BTS song, for many reasons I won't list now, but I wasn't expecting the number of emotions I felt in those few seconds. I was a crying mess. First, the shot was stunningly beautiful. Then I felt very proud to see them surrounded by so many people in such a huge place. Then I wished to be in the audience (haven't been to one of their concerts yet). Then I wished to be one of them. Aka too many emotions.

Also, ARMY Bombs, and lightsticks in general, are the best fan object ever created, I swear. Looking at the venue filled with this perfectly coordinated little lights it's just wow. Goosebumps all over.

Fun fact, I actually saw my first ARMY Bomb at the cinema yesterday, someone had one on for a moment, and I've never seen a more beautiful, shiny, bright light... pinky promise.

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I'll end it saying that it never stops to amaze me how much they truly love their fans. Like, you can feel it. It's in their eyes. Almost like they breathe because of them (I could write a whole new post about this).

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Thank you for reading! I appreciate you a lot.

All the purple love. L. x

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