"Be as you wish to seem"
- Socrates

Following the article by @rosejgad "Get to know yourself" I've done my own list.

Let's do this inside adventure

I choose to mix words and little sentences because my English is not very good so sometimes I can't find the right word to describe what I want to say.

1. Who I am

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My number one conviction : You can do everything you want.
smile, child, and kids image girl, hair, and beauty image
Find joy in the ordinary and positive
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Sensitive and unconfident
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Capacity of seeing beauty in each thing
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Afraid to face : loving myself and falling in love

2. What I love

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My friends and my siblings
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Italian food
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Tennis, running, martial arts and dance
ocean, rocks, and travel image aesthetic, japan, and background image girl, art, and museum image coachella, summer, and festival image bands, concert, and couple image
Nature, cities, museums, festivals, concerts
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3. What I love about myself

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Honest, lover of life, open-minded
astrology, birthday, and digital art image alternative, indie, and Lyrics image dreamer, idiot, and quotes image
Pisces aka sponge of emotions and unconditional dreamer

4. My skills

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Understand people, bring joy, curious about everything, fashionista.

5. My life goals

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Events company
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Having children
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Never have suicidal thoughts again

These are the things who make me who I'm. I know that I'm still in progress to be the best version of myself and I hope that one day I will be proud of me.

Crush your goals