Hi lovely heaters.Today we will discuss about clothes.Specifically about the holiday clothes.All of us we have found ourselves not knowing what clothes to take for our holidays ,then we are just confused.I am here to solve this annoying problem.I'm going to tell you small and easy tips to make right choices.At the end of the texts you are going to find photos with summer outfits,take some ideas. Let's start.

On summer holidays is more difficult to choose what clothes to take with you because of weather.Usually it's very hot so it's good to avoid jeans.On holidays you always want to "move" more,so it's a bad idea to take with you jeans.They won't make you feel comfortable in all views.But if you want jeans choose a wide or torn.

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Also something important that you don't pay much attention, is the colour of the clothes.All the dark clothes attract the sun and you will feel warm.So you have to choose light coloured clothes.But when you want to wear a dark clothe you have to choose very thin fabric,if you do this it's better.The best thing you have to do is to don't take with you lots of dark clothes.

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Prefer short clothes.Is known ,but I am going to analyse it a little more.Short clothes are a "treasure" for your summer holidays.Mini dresses with thin fabric are the best choice,so the first thing you have to do is to put them in your suitcase.Of course an alternative solution is to take aerial long dresses with tear to the side or not.

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And something else that you have to take with you are shirts.For evenings the best choice are shirts.So you won't need to wear a "jacket". Generally they are cool and always in fashion.Don't forget your beautiful shorts which are a "sing" that summer has come.Also take with you skirts,long ,short,denim,...all skirts in the summer are amazing.

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I hope I helped you and I gave you some ideas.Have the best summer holidays with the best outfits!!!