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today I'm back with another article. This one will be about relationships. I was in three relationships,two of them were short but the one I'm in right now is really long and good.So let's start.


First relationship I was in was short one, but I have learned a lot. This guy was really bad. He was nice until we meet, then he tried to manipulate me. So the thing I have learned is never let the boy manipulate you. Don't change yourself for no one. In the beginning I was thinking okey maybe I should do it, he likes me but then I was like no, I won't do anything I don't want to. Our break up was really bad too. He kept calling me everyday. It was really hard but in the end we were done for good. He was really toxic. He was also talking crap about my BFF after he meet her and I was like no, we're done.

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My second relationship was a lot better. They guy I dated wasn't bad, mean or anything he was little childish. He didn't know what he wanted from his life. Okey we're like 20 years old but I think he should have some goals in life. He spent a lot of time with his friends. I was okey in the beginning with that but later I was annoyed. It's okey to be with your friends but not as much as he was. I only talked to his friends in group chat, but never face to face. So what I have learned, never date a guy who don't know what he wants in his life. Don't date a guy who never have time for you. We ended our relationship on good terms.

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I want to finish this article on a positive note. This relationship is the best thing that happend to me. He is all I ever wanted in the boyfriend. He treats me right, does a lot for me. Always put me first and we make decisions together. I learned how I should be treated, how I should be myself and don't change. He likes me just the way I'm.

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That's all for this article. I hope you like it and that this article can help someone. See you soon with new article. Check my previous articles here: