Hello beauties !

I believe that in every woman, there's an it girl hiding, this article is made to help you to fully be that girl.

find a signature scent that people will associate to you and overall a perfume that fits you, you need to always smell exquisite
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a signature look, it can be your brows, a beauty mark, freckles or any particular physical detail on your face. otherwise, it can be a specific accessory that you always wear like pearl earrings or an headband (like the queen Blair Waldorf) anyway, something that make people think "yeah that's her"
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not gonna lie : the physical appearance is important so is the outfit. dress cute and in what you feel the most pretty, never leave the house if you don't feel confident in what you wear because it can affect the way you act and interact with others. don't be afraid to be you, it's what makes the difference, you can even dress in fake fur and heels to get something at the grocery, who cares ?
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lots of skincare, it's never enough ! apply masks even on under eyes and lips, do oil baths to get shiny hair. you want to have a skin as good as possible and nice lashes, nails, hair... the key is : protect the skin during the day, repair from damage at night
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find a celebrity or a model to look up to and to inspire you in your everyday look and lifestyle, someone with the same body type as you so you can dress with the same kind of clothes
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what is an it girl without her it bag ? find yours, pick the style that correspond you the most among all the iconic it bags. if you don't have money for that it's okay, you can find a look alike or shop a smallest one bc they're often less expensive or shop a second hand one. but please don't get a fake one ! wearing designers won't make you systematically stylish, it's not what matters the most so they're no shame if you don't have a $1500 City by Balenciaga, just find something pretty and elegant
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read vogue and fashion books, pick your favorites designers and find the style that define you the most, dress accordingly. choose pieces that correspond to the vibe of what that designer could do : are you more a Miu Miu type of girl or do you prefer the Saint Laurent aesthetic ?
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lingerie is also important, only you know what you have underneath your clothes and it can bring you more confidence if you feel sexy. wear a matching set !
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Mindset & behavior
think positive or you'll never reach anything, it's a hard pill to swallow but so true, if you don't think positively and project yourself succeeding, it won't happen. believe in yourself
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surround yourself with nice people that will always support you. negative and mean people will affect your mindset and you won't be able to be positive. those people are pulling you down
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be mindful of your posture. Stand tall, walk confidently, and pretend to know what you're doing, it's the main point
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don't depend on anyone because you don't need nobody to be fabulous
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always try to be a better self be nice, be kind and don't let anyone change that
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do your own thing, stop trying to please everyone because it's simply impossible and it's not an it girl behavior
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be a girl boss (find your purpose, success, get good grades, reach your goals, be creative, ...)
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a suitable king, somebody that will treat you like the princess you are, every it girl need one ! but stop looking for love at all costs you've still got time, it will come when you less expect it and when you'll learn to feel good with yourself first
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But did you really need this to be an it girl ? Nah, girl you are already one !

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