I think a lot of Barbie movies are underrated, because although the animation or plots or character development aren't Oscar's worthy, their magical feel, beautiful music and heart warming stories are undeniable.
Yes I am 18 years old and I'm soon moving out to start college. Yes this is my top 5 favorite Barbie movies that I still watch all the time.

5. Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses
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I love the story of this movie and the relationship the sisters have between them as well as with their dad. Although it isn't a musical, the music is beautiful and the animation is actually very pretty. Btw my favorite girl was Blaire!
4. Princess and the Pauper
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One of the most successful and beloved Barbie classics for a good reason! Besides being the first musical Barbie made, which I love, this story has amazing characters and a great message for children.
3. Barbie and the Diamond Castle
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The story and aesthetic lmao of this movie is so magical and the friendship between Alexa and Liana is beautiful. I also love the songs!
2. Barbie in a Christmas carrol
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If you know me at all irl then y'all know winter/ christmas is litteraly my favorite thing in the whole world! I think Barbie did an amazing christmas movie and I watch it all year around. The songs are beautifully sung, and the characters are attaching.

Before I reveal my favorite one, I'm going to rank some honorable mentions!

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Barbie and the Magic of the Pegasus
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Barbie and the Swan Lake
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Barbie in Mermaidia
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Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale
1. Barbie as Rapunzel
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I could watch this movie every day... I love Rapunzel's personality and her friend Penelope and Hobie. The plot is actually interesting, the aesthetic is beautiful but most of all, I think the theme song is incredible. One of my favorite scenes that I always think about is when the brush transforms into a paint brush and when she paints her ball dress.
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Thank you for reading!

Alex x