Thought these questions were adorable, so here we are.

Mermaids or angels?

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Mermaids. They are much more colourful and interesting.

1900s or 2000s?

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The 2000s. Mainly because I was born into that generation, but also because I love the music. The 1900s was probably great too, but I mean it's got two world wars...

Smooth jazz or beautiful classical?

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I listen to neither. But if I have to choose I'd say beautiful classical.

Extrovert, ambivert or introvert?

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I'm definitely an introvert.

Chocolate bars or lollipops?

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Chocolate bars all the way! I'm no fan of lollipops.

Movies or books?

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I think I'm gonna say books. There's lots of movies I love too, but books have a bigger personality.

Spring or fall?

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Rain or sunshine?

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Definitely sunshine. I really dislike rain.

Dancing or singing?

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I think singing actually. When no one is around

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

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What is your favourite song?

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At the moment, it is "Faith" by Bon Iver. Though it always manage to bring tears to my eyes whenever I listen to it.

What is your favourite scent?

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Clean cotton and coffee.

When do you normally wake up?

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7 am on school days and 9:30 on weekends.

What is your favourite book?

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My favourite books is the Harry Potter series. If I have to choose one of them, it's got to be Prisoner of Azkaban.

Who was your first idol in life?

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I honestly don't know. Maybe Velma from Scooby Doo, if that counts.

What game were you best at in gym class?

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Oh my god I suck at everything when it comes to gym class, seriously. I liked badminton a little, but can't say I was very good at it.

Where do you go to study?

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I study at home, in my room.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

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Can't say I have a favourite. But I really liked going to the zoo and see the dolphins.

What is your favourite subject?

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What is your least favourite subject?

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Gym class, for sure.

What is your greatest wish?

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To become a famous author one day.

Right, that was that.
Cred to @matomm for coming up with the great questions!

Love, Thea K.