Hello everyone!! Today we will talk about something very important when you are a student : organisation. At the beginning of the school year everyone is the same : you tell yourself you're gonna be super organised this year and you finish a month later with paper all over your desk and doing your homework the evening on your bed.

Today, I will give you three easy steps to being organised this all year.

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First of all, before starting, those advices will work just if you put some work in it. If you just wait, nothing will come.

Take your time

This is why I do this article now, cause most of you still have a month to find your organisation. If you start to think about how you want to work this year a week before your first day, you will finish by choosing a way that doesn't correspond you.

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Take your time to think about how you like to work and learn. What supplies will be useful for you, how much time you have in your week to dedicate to your school work... and then you can start to organise.

Keep everything well clean and organized

You have to fine a time in your week when you can ranked your paper work, what you have already work on, what you didn't and everything.

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It's a really boring and repetitive task for most of people but if you don't do it, if your all paper work are messy, you are going to feel messy in your head and you will not be able to be productive.

It's all about planning

The best advice I can give, and the one you should most focus on is planning.

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I recommend you to organise each week and study session around your classes, appointement, deadlines... This way you will know exaclty how much time you have for each of your tasks.

That's all for today, I hope those three advices will help you to be organized and productive this year. Take good care of yourself, all the love.