disclaimer: this is inspired by ~cinnamon-roots on tumblr and I don't take credit for any parts of original writing I used

~first you need to change your perception of yourself. stop putting yourself down and start treating yourself like you deserve more. also realize what you wanna change about yourself but put it to the minimum cause you're beautiful the way you are and every body and mindset is different and unique on it's own
~once you realize that you deserve more you need to start working on yourself. but don't forget your own happiness. workout. eat healthier. hydrate. laugh with friends. socialize more. be more spontaneous. wake up early to watch sunrise. or don't. sleep till noon if you feel like it. go for a walk. shower. dance. find a new interest/hobby. start accomplishing things on your before I die list. do whatever makes you happy and in love with life. start at a very bottom and in no time you will make it to the top. just believe in yourself

~watch content that inspires you. but make sure that this content gives you a real picture of life. that is not just sponsored and too good to be true. stop comparing yourself with models and perfect girls on social media cause you can never be like them. and that's for a reason. there's no such thing as perfection. every body has different needs and not everything they do will work for you. maybe they were enough lucky to be born this way but they still have insecurities you don't know about. and maybe they still struggle with them everyday. you'll never know. so don't be naive by looking just at the tiny part of a whole story. change perceptions and realize that we're all humans. no one is perfect
~be spontaneous and wild but have a limits. don't listen only to your heart. instead try listening to your brain from time to time. be smart. cause not everything we want is right thing to do. you can still live your life to the fullest and have an epic life adventures but with less regrets. treat your life as a challenge but look out for your future and try to make smart choices along the way
~ don't hesitate to ask if you need any help or advice. it's always good to see how different minds think and to listen more instead of talking cause that way you can hear a lot of smart things. at the end though it's on you to choose if you want to use all that advice or not. talk to people you trust and the people around who you don't feel judged. you can also search tips online but be careful cause not everything there is helpful and true
~try to say yes more to different situations. it isn't meant to be said when you don't mean it or if it doesn't make you happy and comfortable. it's meant for the situations where you let your fears or anxiety control you and later you're mad at yourself or feel bad for loosing the only given chance. even if it's just once or twice a month or a week it's still worth it
~ stop overthinking things. that's the part I'm most struggling with so I know exactly how hard it is to overcome it. but I also know what a bad bitch overthinking is and how much it affects my daily life. everything is just in your head and that inner voice needs to be put on it's damn place cause it doesn't rule you. remember one thing. strangers are just that. the small things that seem so huge to you and that you stress about. strangers barely even give them a second thought. stop flattering yourself cause let's be real everyone is too busy worrying about themselves to worry about you and your life
~ don't take yourself and your life too seriously. you'll never make it that way. like I said life is just a challenge and it's supposed to be fun. not serious all the time
~ stop waiting for never-ending tomorrows to actually start doing something. instead start it right now. this exact second. it's the middle of the night you say. but who cares!!! time isn't real and there's no written rule that you can't be productive at that time. the more you procrastinate the worse it will get. of course we all have our numb and lazy days when we just want to lay in bed with bag of chips and watch movies. and that's acceptable too cause we were given that great opportunity so why should we waste it. but be careful. if that becomes a routine you're screwed
~take chances and challenge yourself more. that way you can discover your own limits and zones of comfort so you can expand them. even if nothing of that works at the end it still can be a fun learning experience. you can just win. not lose
~whenever you have a free time and you have no idea how to waste it try something new. whether it's a new language or skill. dance move or recipe. it costs only your precious time but you'd be surprised how many different doors it can open for you

thing such as secret recipe for having a perfect life doesn't exist. but by putting a little more effort into our lives we can make them much more enjoyable and bearable. so do that. be present. have fun. realize that you're not gonna live forever but you can make it worth it and soon you'll find yourself having a life that you hadn't even imagined.