back with a back to school tag. this summer went so quickly like school is sadly just around the corner:(

What year are you going into?

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My 13th year and then i graduate from"high school" you could call it. but i graduate the year im turing 19. and then i only have university left.

What´s your mayor?

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Social studies.

What classes are you taking this semester?

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Swedish 3, English 7, writing, social studies 3 and four different projekts.

What are you nervous/excited about?

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Im going to do a field studies in Malawi, Arica or somewhere in India for a big project everyone is doing here in sweden last year of school. so instead of staying at home we are going on a big trip. ANd getting my driving licence!

Where do you want to transfer?

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I don´t really now if you transfer here in sweden. I think you just choose schools all around the globe depends on what you wanna studdy.

WHat are 3 essentials in your backpack?

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Last semester i didn´t have a backpack bc i was too lazy to buy one but i always had my laptop, key to my locker and airpods with me.

WHat are 3 beauty-related essentials in your backpack?

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Gum, vaseline, earrings

What´s the craziest thing that happend at your school?

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Last winter someone did an account on instagram for the people in my school to send in there crush´s name and it escalate to a gossip account and then turned down and everyone was mad as hell. and MAYBE it was me and my friends who did that account.... ops lol.... but no one knows it was us so its cool

What´s your usual outfits for school?

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My outifts is really THAT simple for school like jeans with a t-shit or a sweater but this semster imma update my wardrobe.

Have you ever skipped a class?

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Yes i have. Sometimes a whole day but often just a class i dont wanna go to.

Advise for anyone starting last year of school?

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Don´t take it too seriously, have fun!, best opportunity to make new friends!

Thank you so much for reading!