The Future ay? That's a very scary concept for me, because of the past...
But in these recent months, I've put together a vision for the future. I know exactly what I want, what I'm going to aim for, and how long it will take. Obviously, I don't know exactly what's going to happen in the future, but I do know what I would like, so setting my self an idea of these is really motivating for me. It sets a goal for me to achieve and to think about what my everyday actions will show from this.

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What Do I Want?

I want a house. I want a home to live in, and Place to call my own. Paid for by me and furnished exactly how I want it. The style I have in mind is an old townhouse in an old town, but it will have been converted into a very modern style; Large windows; double doors; lots of glass, for natural light and a very minimal colour pallet. like whites, golds, furs and wood accents.

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What's after that?

Next, I want my dream car, or two... lol I know this a big goal, but I believe in working hard for your dreams and you can achieve anything you set your mind too. My two dream cars are Honda Civic 2019 Type R SPORT 2.0 hatchback [obvisouly there will be new models in the future]. Also a Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.2 HEMI TrackHawk Auto 4x4 5dr. Dank cars.

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That's all for now not too interesting, but I use this as a way to set these goals. I advise every single person in this world to, go forward with there dreams and pursue them. YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT.