bonjour hearters!
i apologize who have been waiting for quite a while for their name aesthetics and haven't gotten them, here they are:

if you want a name aesthetic, here are the instructions:



fireworks, hand, and vintage image planet, earth, and blue image Temporarily removed stars, blue, and aesthetic image
midnight stardust



goddess image flowers, pink, and rose image aesthetic, pastel, and pink image aesthetic, handwritten, and Lyrics image
peaches & cream



blue, girl, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed fashion, details, and dress image Temporarily removed
periwinkle daydream



adidas, art, and colours image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed pink, aesthetic, and girl image
bubblegum barbie



Temporarily removed Devil, evil, and girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
purple grunge



rose, red, and aesthetic image lipstick image cherry, red, and aesthetic image nails, red, and aesthetic image
cherry red

thank you for reading i hope you have a lovely day. <3

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