You need motivation? YES! ME TOO... F*ck

So maybe you've already noticed that I don't have any motivation to go back to school learning studying presenting ect.
New year -> new chances
I need to improve and learn new things, cause that is life and tbh I like to learn and get to knoe new things the only problem are the exams and the teachers who just don't like you because you are you idk
Soooo I've got some ideas how to change my appearence towards teachers and here are some examples

- of course first things first sitting in the first two rows in class

I prefere sitting in the second because if you're sitting in the first and the teacher is standing right in front of you there is a 50/50 per cent chance that they won't see you so the second row is perfect to not get all the teachers mouth water and smell into your face and they still will see you.

- be organised

Don't forget any things to class like books pencils ect and be PUCTUAL -> little storytime
I had a boy in my class who literally came late every day and when I say every day I mean EVERY DAY that's so disrespectful and just not cool he also came someday 2 hours later or not at all and I think it's so brazenly
He told me that if the teachers would directly tell him to arrive puctual to the cours he also would but just one teacher told him and he was like nnäh
The worst thing to that story is that he is literally living right next to the school bruh
Ok so that's it for the story lets move on

-repeat before the lesson starts what you've done the last lesson to anser all questions asked about it - that's how you can show the teacher that you did do something at home

That's all for today - hope you liked it and if not yeah idk than tell me what I could do better next time

The next article will be a morning routine or something like that but also somethign that matches the curent topic "BACK TO SCHOOL"