(Sorry if there are grammaticals\ortographicals errors, but I'm italian)

Our way of dressing, the accessories we wear, our hair, our tattoos, reflect our personality. For this reason everyone should be free to dress as he wants or wear makeup the way he wants without being judged or even made fun by others, and be held up as "strange".
This is an argument that is very close to my heart, because unfortunately, it can be noted at school, how much certain groups of guys criticize others, regardless of how badly the other person can stay. I know it's hard, but the best choice is to choose to ignore everyone and continue to wear what you want. We are who must feel at ease with our style, not others.

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Be yourself and be sure of yourself. Never change just to please others, to feel accepted or just to want to be part of the most popular guys of school. There is nothing more wrong than canceling oneself for others.
This is not just about our look, but also about our opinions, our ideas, our tastes. We must never change these things for anyone.

And remember that it's not a piercing, a lot of make-up in the face or tattoos to tell if a person is good or bad. Most of the time, appearances are deceiving and the only way to truly discover a person is to know he\she. Without prejudices.