hi guys!! since july is now over I thought I would share my favorite songs from this past month! if you want to hear these songs + some others, the playlist will be linked below.

♫ good things fall apart - illenium ft. jon bellion

sunset, sky, and aesthetic image black, girl, and aesthetic image
i'm coming to terms with a broken heart, i guess that sometimes good things fall apart.

♫ missed connection - the head and the heart

converse, indie, and vintage image coffee, theme, and tumblr image
i see it and i feel it in my soul, is there something i'm missing? should i follow this wherever it goes?

♫ pure gold - half•alive

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
wait, for the tides of change will come, and reach for the sight of being undone.

♫ crash my car - coin

alternative, grunge, and theme image grunge, car, and aesthetic image
i love the way you're breaking my heart, and i can't to see you leaving, lonely.

♫ there's still a light in the house - valley

love, couple, and grunge image train, light, and night image
when she cries she brings the storm in; i kinda like the way it pours.

♫ still feel - half•alive

music, half alive, and still feel image Temporarily removed
lost in the inbetween but it can't keep me asleep for long cause i still feel alive.

♫ roddy - djo

stranger things and joe keery image art, black, and grunge image
so man in the mirror, make another home here.

♫ runaway - half•alive

flowers, girl, and green image aesthetic, green, and airplane image
when there isn't any progress, lean on truth inside the promise, it is well.

♫ the hype - twenty one pilots

autumn, fashion, and fall image newspaper, vintage, and aesthetic image
it might take some friends and a warmer shirt, but you don't get thick skin without getting burned.

♫ bags - clairo

hands, aesthetic, and art image aesthetic, beige, and room image
i don't wanna be forward, i don't wanna cut corners, savor this with everything i have inside of me.

playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Z1AJna7AqpR7W9SIHq09q?si=LCmt7ALbQBmbOXuydteKxw

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