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This Quote is Definitely one I love. Growing up I always been around jealous, and unhappy people who project their insecurities on myself and others, and It's only because they are not at peace with themselves. People who truly like who they are won't be jealous of you or disturb your peace!

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I agree with this quote because as I got older I realize certain People,family and friends are not really good for your mental health, and It is better to love them from a distance!

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Yes to this! We all go through things and sometimes all we really need is someone who is there for us during the hard times and someone who genuinely love and care for us!

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I love this one because growing up I always struggled with wanting to be perfect looking. I always wanted to have perfect skin and hair etc because of what people thought or the world thought was Beautiful. But now I realize people's thinking are flawed. You can still be Beautiful with your imperfections.Tigers have stripes and cheetahs have spots, they are still beautiful and people can be Beautiful that way as well!

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This Quote is so True! I been through so much these past couple of years and it basically showed me how strong I really am!

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