Scottsdale Arizona Personal Trainer Philosophy About Holistic Health and Fitness

Scottsdale Arizona Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman says, “The secret to changing the quality of your health can be found by challenging yourself incrementally”. Attempting to fill your bucket with too many goals often leads to failure. Improving your overall health is about acquiring a total lifestyle change. In order to manifest this it is imperative to choose one goal at a time. As a Scottsdale Arizona personal trainer with over 18 years in the industry, I have come to the conclusion that there is more to just lifting weights and copious bouts of cardio required to improve your overall health. Just walk around some of the big name bodybuilding gyms and you’ll see what I mean. Bodybuilders, although aesthetically pleasing are considered both spiritually and physically unhealthy. There is a basic foundation for megalomania or narcissistic personality disorder and all the unhealthy disorders that accompany this to include Anorexia, drug abuse, and sleeping disorders. These are not considered healthy behaviors to this most educated Holistic Lifestyle Scottsdale Arizona Personal Trainer nor to the best of the best in the functional medicine community.

I can say without a doubt that there are much simpler, holistic easier health promoting habits that need to first be in check, that is if you want to live a really long time and maintain a youthful image and personality. Many young professional athletes that partake in drug activity, are insomniacs and chemical eaters just look worn down and haggardly says Rivak Hoffman who is one of Scottsdale Arizona’s best personal trainers. Is it worth shortening the years of your life for a brief moment of and rogeny and fame? There are far better simpler ways to improve your health and fitness without even lifting a single weight. These are the basics of living a healthy life and are often overlooked. Are are a few of the most simply holistic life hacks that can improve your intrinsic and extrinsic health.

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Walking is the foundation of movement and has tremendous health benefits.

During the span of my Scottsdale Arizona Personal Trainer career, I have made the recommendation of walking to many of my clients looking for an added exercise bonus. Walking can be a simple commitment to yourself in achieving 10,000 steps per day. This could be a simple after dinner walk with your spouse or significant other, or the twice a day routine of walking your pet.  A great motivator is a Moov Now watch or Fit bit. These inexpensive devices keep you accountable and help you meet your fitness goals.  This could be fun if you allow it.  A 10,000 daily step rate is equivalent to a 500-calorie daily expenditure. Do this daily and easily loose 1-2 pounds a week.  Walking is one of the easiest and effective ways to exercise. It can reduce your blood pressure, help fend off heart disease and strengthen bones and muscle. Moreover, daily walking helps retain balance and body range of motion which often diminished with age and living a sedentary lifestyle.

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Improving the length and quality of your sleep cycle will keep you youthful and slim!

Commit to a regular sleep schedule of 7- 8 hours daily. Don’t be like the rest of Americans and suffer from skyrocketing cortisol levels, big bellies all because of minimizing the importance of sleep. Sleep provides physical repair of the human body between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM, then from 2 AM until 6 AM psychological repair occurs. SO, getting to bed by 10 PM is critical for repair and reduction of body inflammation and therefore promotes a slimming effect. Science has proven this numerous times This will improve your circadian rhythm and boost human growth hormone levels, which promote body healing and lean muscles. If sleeping is a problem, lower your room temperature at night to 60-70F, draw down the shades and turn off all TVs, computers and cell phones 90 minutes prior to bedtime.  In addition, limit an alcohol intake to dinnertime only. No post dinner nightcaps. This will interrupt your sleep cycles.

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Increase your fruit and vegetable Intake to nourish the cells of the body and prevent disease

It’s all about reducing your risk for heart disease and cancer. Vegetables are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Consume 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily. This can be in the form of fruit for snacks. Eating salads for lunch or simply add spinach and mushrooms to your morning omelet. Be creative with your choices and benefit in the healthy sensation that comes with it. Don’t over analyze your fruits and produce on the basis of organic versus nonorganic. The Environmental Working Group has put together a list of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Fruits and Vegetable that is OK to consume, even though the conventionally raised fruits and vegetable have far fewer vitamins and minerals, even getting a smaller portion of vitamins and minerals is better than none.

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Increase your water intake to keep your metabolism at its peak and nourish muscles and body organs

As a Scottsdale Arizona Personal Trainer, I am always harping on my clients to stay hydrated during their workouts and be rhythmic with their water intake to a tune of 50 ounces per day. Which is equivalent of 6-7 eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Another easy formula to use to determine how many ounces of water per day you should consume is as follows. Take 1/2 of your body weight and drink that number in ounces per day. Example: I am 175 lbs. So half of my body weight is 87 pounds, therefore I should drink 87 ounces of water per day. This is approximately 5 small pint water bottles per day.  It has been clinically proven that a steady intake of water boosts our metabolism also known as water-induced thermo genesis. It also flushes our body of impurities, which lead to diseases such as cancer.

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