Hi guys! Hope you guys are having an amazing morning, afternoon, evening, or night. So I decided to take another shot at writing another article that's personal to me. This time I want to touch up on friendship, I saw an article written by weheartit and got inspired to write one of my own. Alright well I'm gonna stop blabbering and get right to it.

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So when I was growing up I was more of a lone wolf, I mean I knew a few girls who I used to talk to but no one I could really call a friend. Well that was until I got to the 5th grade where I met my best friend. But see it wasn't really the most perfect friendship, I felt more like an older sister than a friend; sometimes even a therapist.

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Well when I got to high school, I started losing sight of what friendship really was all about. I would just hangout with people to not be known as a loner or outcast. I would tolerate so much from my "friends" at the time. I even got stood up like 5 times and not once received notice of it until I would text them when I was already there and to only get the typical response of "sorry I'm not going to be able to make it". This along with being lied to, kept out of the loop, and doubting who had my back went on all throughout high school and once senior year came up I was ready to escape and never see anyone from school ever again.

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I even went as far as promising myself when I went to college, "you're not there to make friends, you're there to focus on your schoolwork and get your degree". I had lost hope and didn't think I'd ever find real friends. I was stuck watching tv shows and movies and longing to have friends like in "That's So Raven", "Boy Meets World", "Rebelde", and "Harry Potter". But I gotta admit, I broke that promise when I got to college. I met the BEST friends I have ever had. I managed to find a group of people who didn't judge me, respect me, are honest with me, want the best for me, & all in all that I can count on. The walls that I had built up during high school, they managed to dissolve with not just their words but their actions. I was no longer afraid of letting people in because they showed me that there are still good people out there who can and will be there for you, you just have to find them.

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So guys, I know we hear about the typical list of qualities we should look for when picking friends. Some of which might include being loyal, kind, honest, and overall being there for someone. And while I do agree with those qualities, I want to add a few more to that list. How about we look for people who are open-minded, accepting, understanding, positive, hardworking, and overall someone who's going to be real with you no matter how hurtful the truth may be at times.

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So with that being said, I hope you guys find those real friends that do still exist (I promise you that!). I know it can be difficult to open yourself up to someone whom you don't even know will stick around or not. But let me tell you this, I was once that person who was afraid to let anyone in. And had one friend not told me, "why do you push people away? Don't push people away because you might end up regretting it and pushing the right one away. Just go with the flow and let whatever happens happen". I hadn't received honest advice in so long from a real friend. And I learned to stop feeling sorry for myself and allowed myself to be vulnerable again. Because that's the beauty of friendship, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and not being afraid of doing so.

I know this was long but I thoroughly hope you guys enjoyed this. Have a great rest of your day or night! <3