study tips

hey, today I’m going to be sharing
some study tips with you, although
if I’m being honest my school doesn’t
set homework so I can’t relate to having
that stress lol

tip one ; a really good app which I recommend
100 percent is the mobile app bft. I am not sure
whether it cost money I can’t remember buying
it but it’s a really good app for those who can’t
keep off their phones while studying. The app
will ask you to select a time for a timer to keep
you off your phone. the timer begins when you
face your phone down and calming forest sounds
will play. every time you lift your phone from the
table to check something the timer will stop and
will not being again until it is face down. No
notifications will enter your phone while the app
is active and it is really effective if you struggle
with staying off your phone.

tip two ; listening to to instrumental music while
studying is more effective then you regular playlist,
while listening to instrumental music can make you
more focused on your work and generally improve
your critical thinking. there are hundreds of playlist
on spotify that fit this criteria but i really recommend
one which I will link at the end of this tip.

tip three ; by doing your homework when you first
arrive home without doing anything else leaves you
in the mind frame of school and leaves you more
focused and less stress. A tip I use to do in primary
school when homework was always given is to
make a snap and do my homework straight up when
i got home for this school then I wasn’t stressed and
i could have the rest of my afternoon. homework
also took faster when I did straight up without having
a break rather to do it after dinner or later on, because
my brain found it hard to focus and remember material.

and that’s it I might make a exam study tip later in the year

xo j