Hello lady's and Gents,
these are the anime's
that i have watched
and kinda haven't watched
this is going to be so cringed but
its going to be OK cause i have
confidence in myself.

Tokyo Ghoul

black, manga, and red eyes image anime, boy, and japan image tokyo ghoul image anime, anime girl, and gif image
I'm on episode 8 so i need to start watching it.
then i can get to Tokyo Ghoul:re

FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

fooly cooly, anime, and flcl image Temporarily removed
I just started so i'm still on episode
one i just need more time to watch it
by myself.

Devilman Crybaby

gif and devilman crybaby image
I loved this anime SO much,
it help me figure out and love
and to trust certain and people
and make me feel that other people
from me.

Seven Deadly Sins

Mature image
This anime is EVERYTHING and
gives me shocks in my body every time
i've watched it.

So im going to make a part to when i have time and when its not NIGHT time love you guys MUAH..