Hi , you know that I love you right ?

Let me tell you that you are the best person I met , the best person that can enter someone's life .

Deep deep inside you , you know all these words

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You aren't perfect because no one can be

You try to be happy , to fight these demons inside

You want a different life not as peoples around

You are and you will have everything

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I know you are a procrastinator

I know you are the laziest person on earth

I also know that you will do everything to follow your dreams

I know you can

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can you smile for me ? thx ♥

You will be whatever you want

You will be the greatest version of you

You will forgot about your shitty past

You will be you

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I know you failed your exams

I know you gonna come back to high school instead of going to universty

I know you are strong enough to face their faces again

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Who knows , maybe it's gonna be amazing this year

Who knows , this god plan will bring you joy

who knows , its probably happening for a reason , a better future ?

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Maybe it's gonna be hard

Maybe you will feel alone

Maybe you will feel tired

Maybe you will hate yourself thinking you are a failer

Maybe you don't know what I know now ? what I'm sure about ?

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I'm sure it will make you stronger

I'm sure you will have your year in 2020

I'm sure you will be more confident , and people will be shook

I'm sure it's gonna be tough but

I'm sure you can

I'm sure you're a winner and you are more than that

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You are kind

You are loyal

You are honest

You are beautiful , yes you are , look in the mirror !

You are an artist

You are a ''singer'' and also single lmao

You help people around you

You are dreamer

A dreamer that will realise her dreams , I'm sure about that too !

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I want to tell you something more important :

- I love you ♥ and there is no life without failure !

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