hey love

the summer of 2019 went by fast right? now that we're in august and most schools start in this month unless god loves you and your school starts in september, we should talk about how to prep yourself for school. i just finished getting ready for school, buying all my clothes, supplies and backpack, and i think we'd all benefit from reading an article about getting ready for day one of hell:)

let's get started

i start school on august 12th, and today i went to orientation and finally got my schedule and i'm happy to say that i got all the classes i want and need. i suggest that you should get your supplies after you get your schedule so that you know what you need to get based off of it.

period 1: geometry
period 2: women's studies
period 3: forensic science
period 4: lunch
period 5: u.s history
period 6: ap psychology
period 7: spanish 1
period 8: english 3

above is my schedule so i got my supplies based off of that

for my supplies i get a lot of different stuff for a different class. so for example i get 7 notebooks and 7 folders, each folder matches the color of the notebook for a class. if i have a blue notebook for geometry i also have a blue folder for geometry. i also suggest labeling the folders and notebooks inside with the class subject.

for a pencil bag, i mean, we all fill it with generic stuff like pencils, highlighters, pens, etc...

i also bought a small pouch for essentials. for example a small hairbrush, tissues, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, gum, pads/tampons and or makeup. you can get all of this stuff in the travel size section of the store so it's not so hard to carry and can easily fit in your backpack. it's good to keep essentials like this if you feel like you need to freshen up or if someone asks, and you happen to have it and provide it to them, they'll obviously be forever grateful and boom, you have a friend.

i usually have a system that's easy and organized when it comes to being clean with your backpack because let's face it our bags get pretty messy and disorganized in the middle of the year.

i put my folders in the order of what i need them so i put 1st period in the front and then so on so everytime i go to class i know which one i need and i do the same with notebooks.

if you don't want your backpack to heavy, you can get an expandable or a binder and buy a pack of notebook paper and make sections and you can put the notebook paper in their so it's all in one, but i find that carrying a notebook is just better and easy.

last but not least, have a planner. you should 100% have a planner. it makes all the difference to remembering stuff, writing important errands, homeworks assignments down. studying for tests, quizzes, exams etc. find cute planners on rileyrose.com. i suggest a small sized one instead of a large one because of the weight and it's just more efficient.

those are all the different tips i have to better prep yourself for school. at this point i'm waiting for school to start so i can have something to do because a summer of doing nothing isn't as fun as it used to be. follow these tips so as to lead to a better school year i hope you like this article

bye love