name : lori vidal
birthday : november 14th 1980
zodiac sign : scorpio
place of birth : augusta, maine


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lori has short black hair that she dyes sometimes, preferably blue. she has a straight nose with freckles across her face. her eyes are a blueish green. she's quite dainty.


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lori's style is quite basic. just wearing a tv shirt with a design on it and jeans. she sometimes wears doc martens but prefers her sneakers.


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lori hates disappointing people and always tries her best, she gets upset when her best isn't perfect. she believes personality goes a long way but tries to love everyone anyways. she longs to travel far away.

music taste

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lori's favourite band is the smashing pumpkins,, but besides them she listens to blur, sublime and other bands like that.


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lori's hobbies include hanging out in and decorating her room, reading, going on walks and buying cd's/music

celebrity crush

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definitely kurt cobain