hello and thank you for clicking on this article! this one is basically a bucket list of things i want to do and try. it'll be mostly random, but i guess that's what makes it interesting :)

i hope you enjoy the article!

1. volunteer at my local animal shelter

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i absolutely love animals, especially dogs and cats. i think volunteering at an animal shelter is a productive, fulfilling, and enjoyable way to help the community.

2. wear a skirt

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i know this may sound strange to a lot of you, but one of the things that i hope to do soon is gather enough confidence to wear a skirt.

the reason why is because i'm pretty insecure about my legs and the way i look. i don't have a lot of feminine features, so wearing feminine things don't really suit me. it's not a major problem but it's one of the things that i hope to get past.

3. stargaze

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recently i went on a road trip and while we were driving through the dark highway, i noticed that the sky was full of stars. it was a rare sight for me because i live in the city where there's lots of light pollution.

i didn't get to look at the stars clearly because i was in a moving car, but i hope that i'll get an opportunity to stargaze properly sometime in my life.

4. visit parts of asia

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i really want to travel to china, japan, singapore and korea! i've only visited some parts of asia but i would love to explore more because of how cultural the countries are there.

5. read a really, really good book

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i've read plenty of great books in my lifetime, but i want to read a book so good that i can read it over and over again and not get bored.

6. finish a story

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writing has been one of my hobbies ever since i was younger. i used to write lots of stories as a kid, but never once have i ever finished them. i always lost motivation while writing them and gave up. hopefully in the future, i'll be able to finish my first story.

7. learn 1 language and 1 instrument

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i have no idea what picture to put for spanish so here's two pictures for guitar lol

i made a promise myself to learn one language and one instrument before i turn 18.

for languages, i'll probably choose spanish because it's one of the most spoken languages in my area. it'll make communicating with others a lot easier (and it'll look great on future job resumes haha)

as for instruments, i really want to learn guitar. it's relaxing and i absolutely love the sound of guitars.

8. repay my mom back

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also have no idea what to put for this so here's a cat leading her kitten

i owe my mom so much, even money can't amount to how much i owe her. i hope i'll find a way to repay her for all she's done for me.

9. own a fancy apartment

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it would be preferable if my apartment had a city view like the picture on the left.

i'm not a fan of big spaces, so i'd like to live in a comfortable and luxurious apartment. i know it's gonna be pricey, but i'm determined to work for it.

10. find the right person

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i guess you can call the right person your soulmate? i really want to meet the right person and be able to spend the rest of my life with them. okay i know it sounds pretty corny but it would be really nice if this were to happen haha

and that's the end of the article!
thank you for reading and sticking till the end! i appreciate it (trust me, i really do).

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