I've been wanting to do this challenge for a long long time. First I just thought it was fun, then some of my collections gained a lot of followers and, in my head, I was like 'one of them might want to know who are they following and my profile doesn't have a lot of information' so this seemed like a good idea. But then it got too hard. Like really hard. So I ended up dropping it. Defining yourself is not an easy task, people.

In the end, I took it as a challenge to myself. I challenged myself to find the answers.

If you haven't done it yet I suggest you do it. Especially if you want to get to know yourself better.
I plan to do it again in a year to see how the answer change.

Ok, the introduction got too long, I'll stop...

My inspiration came from... (▼)


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image aesthetic, blue, and closet image Temporarily removed
Large tops (yes to man catalogued ones) tucked into bottoms. | Black on black. | I have more jackets than anything else. | Sweaters.


city, bed, and sky image harry potter and ravenclaw image blue, aesthetic, and water image Image by MELINDA WORREN

Dreams and goals

Temporarily removed pink, inspire, and neon image christmas, family, and happy image love, wedding, and couple image
I wanna write and publish a novel. | I wanna inspire people in the same way other people did with me. | I wanna have a lot of kids. | I wanna get married.


love, quotes, and I Love You image polaroid, blue, and photo image
Languages. | Photography.


Temporarily removed quotes, different, and love image gangster, kind, and kindness image quotes, wild, and peaceful image
I'm too Damon Salvatore for my own good | There's a space for all of us in this world. | Kindness goes first. | I'm a real-life hybrid.


pizza, food, and cheese image aesthetics, bread, and cheese image
Pizza. It can be healthy, it can be fast-food, it can be sweet, it can be breakfast, it can be a snack, it can be dinner, it can be small, it can be x-large, it can be anything you want.


quotes and harry potter image Image removed
Harry Potter, all of them, I am nothing without them.


footloose, nike, and shoes image footloose image
Footloose (1984).

TV Series

The Originals, joseph morgan, and the vampire diaries image Temporarily removed
The Originals. I expect to call one of my sons Elijah.


5sos, 5 seconds of summer, and luke hemmings image anniversary, festa, and kpop image


daffodils, flowers, and snow image autumn, cozy, and fashion image


hair, girl, and beach image city, rain, and rain boots image
Cloudy and windy beach. | Rain. >Also, sunny but cold.<


gold, jewelry, and Libra image Libra and zodiac sign image
Libra. Hi, Jiminie.


animals, delfin, and naturaleza image dolphin, animal, and sea image


vintage, baking, and kitchen image book, reading, and aesthetic image bullet journal, bujo, and study image beach, flexibility, and flexible image
Baking and cooking. | Reading. | Bullet journal. | Yoga.

What makes me happy

clouds, july, and sky image rj, van, and wallpaper image
Looking at the sky and clouds. I almost can't believe they're real. | BT21. 'Cause they make my soul joyful.


book, care, and couple image kitchen image
Self-love and self-care are the two most important things in life. | Clutter-free, thank you.

Role models

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Blair Waldorf. | Anna Saccone (Joly).

Ahhh, finally done!

Hope y'all enjoyed it an thank you for reading. All the love. L. x

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Cover photo.