Its hard when ur present is ugly and all what you think about is ur past and looking at ur old pictures seeing how different everything was and how u had better everything.. its hard when u look at yourself now remembering nothing but how u have become a person full of fragile pieces and you cant do anything about it because everytime u try to change ur present something pops up and worsens it even more. i am a person who would love to have their past back, i cant live i feel like im choking and not living and not making memories.. ugh memories.. the thing i used to do best but right now? omg right now i have been two freakin years doing nothing about whats called a "memory" . i am lost and scared of what future is hiding for me.. i mean if i hate my present how my future looks like? how can you live in your present? can you tell me guys? i ignored,i hated , i forgot, i forgave, i loved,i laughed, i went out, i cried, i smiled and i have done everything anyone could ever do.. but nothing worked unfortunately. its not the past that i cant forget, its my present that i dont wanna live in, its the present that i cant change, its the present that i cant make it a past so i can make better present than this, its the present that i cant put behind to ignore and just see my future in a better side. help me