Hey loves! A while ago, I made an article about the little things that make me happy. I felt that it was time to make the world a little more positive again and that's why I'm writing a part 2 today! I'll hope you'll like it and here we go:

1. Coming home

It doesn't matter if you come home from college, a business trip or a long vacation, coming home is amazing. It's coming back to a safe and warm environment where there are amazing people who love and support you. By home I don't necessarily mean the building where your parents live, coming home can also be being around your friends where you can be 100% yourself

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2. Finding something you've been looking for

Even when I try to be organized, my room can still be a mess. So obviously, I lose stuff all the time. Finding it, however, is a little happy moment in your day. Even if it if wasn't that important, it's fun they have it back and you're proud of yourself for finding it.

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3. Accomplishing a task

If you accomplish something that you worked on for a long time, it feels amazing when you finally accomplished the task. But why only be happy with the big things? Be proud of yourself for every little thing you accomplish of it's reading a book, washing the dishes or even just getting out of bed really early

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4. Seeing your friends after a long time

I'm a university student which means that I have a dorm and I only go home on the weekends. That also means that I don't see my friends from high school that often. Going from seeing these people every day to not seeing them for more than a month every time is pretty hard. So, when we have a little 'reunion', I'm the happiest person alive

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5. When my nail polish matches my outfit exactly

This may sound pretty silly, but it is really a thing that makes my day a little bit more exciting. I'm really passionate about fashion and love putting a lot of time in my wardrobe/ outfits. So, what makes your outfit more complete than the perfect, matching nail polish? Even though it may sound a bit weird, I'm sure that there are a lot of people here that totally get this one

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6. Sunshine in the morning

Believe me, I am not a morning person at all. So, waking up early for class can be difficult. But when the sun shines through the curtains, it is a little bit less horrible to get out of the warm, cozy bed. It makes me feel grateful that I can start a new day and make the best out of it!

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I hope you all liked the article! I'll see you next time!

Lots of love, Mara

Mara Jo
Mara Jo
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This article was written by @marasmolders on the We Heart It Writers Team.