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Nice to meet you, dear myself!

You can't know how to be happy, positive, have confidence in yourself if you don't even know who you are.

Don't laugh, I know lots of people who don't know who they are and they are not even aware of this. It's common, and a few years ago, before getting all the tips you're about to read in this article, I didn't know me either.

Sometimes you would like to be like this girl or look so stronger than this woman, but you're not, you are you. It's easy to try to feel and be someone else when you don't know your own qualities.

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Let's go for an inside adventure!

This is my tips: grab your phone (or a notebook you always have with you), open notes and start writing.

Think that nobody will read what you're about to write. Make 5 lists, you will only write words, separate it with dots or comma.
No sentence, only words it's important. And before start writing, never forget, don't ever judge you, don't consider there is a better character trait than another.

You are amazing exactly as you are, and nobody will never be like you.

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Who I am

So start with the first list: who I am. Write your qualities, and your defaults, your convictions, your strengths, and your weaknesses, write what you're like about yourself but not only, don't be afraid to write what you're afraid to face, what you would see disappear or things you would change.

Don't write the qualities you want to have but the qualities you really have. Be honest with yourself.

If it could help you, maybe I could do another article with my own list, tell me in a message if you'd like so read it.

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What I love

Then the second list: what I love. Simply write things you like to do, people you love, things make you happy, the food you like to eat, sports you like to practice, places you love, moments of the year you prefer ...

Enjoy it because it's the easiest list, you don't really have to face yourself, to affront your personality, you just have to write things that please you, what you're used to doing.

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What I love about myself

The third list: what I love about myself. I think it's most difficult to do. And if you don't arrive to finish or even start it, just write the title and give you time to get to know yourself a little bit more, it will come later don't worry about that.

Anyway, if you feel ready, write values, qualities (or not) you appreciate about yourself.

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My skills

Fourth list: your skills. What are you good at ? what are your special skills, your knowledge? it could be a pure skill like drawing, writing or playing music, or simply something you master such as organization, language or taking care of others ...

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My life goals

Last but not least: my goals. My favorite list. It's pretty easy, write your projects, your goals, your dreams, what you want to accomplish, the next few months or even next few years. Write about personal things, work, mental goals ... It's time to dream and be creative, but also to think about future and projects.

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Read it, again and again,

So, once you've written all your lists, keep them with you. This is why I told you to write them in your phone. When you'll have a doubt about your competences, about your qualities, about yourself, just take out your lists and remind you how amazing you are!

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Be proud and shine

So now you know yourself a bit more! The best tips I can give you then is just to appreciate yourself, to be proud of your values and don't doubt about what you are able to accomplish.

Get out of your comfort zone, face to difficulties and barriers, let life show you your new values, your new personality because it's life and what you accomplish during life who determine who you are.

Personality is never fixed, it changes every day according to test and fights of life! Don't be afraid to be in difficulties and to embark on new adventures!

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I would be so happy to read your own list, if you want to share it with, please use the #gettoknowmyself tag and tag me in your article! Omg, I'm so excited to read your little love lists and get to know you. And of course, tell me if you want me to publish my own lists.

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Take care and love yourself honey,
Rose J.

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