"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them."
- Marc Jacobs
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With summer in full swing, it’s brought along the hottest trends and amazing outfits we just can't get enough of. From Shawn Mendes to Ariana Grande, celebrities have been mixing au naturale outfits with a bit of experimentation. I’ve personally have been loving it and draw so much inspiration from their wardrobe selection.

1. Ariana Grande

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24 hours ago, Ariana Grande dropped some new music with Social House. In the music video, ‘Boyfriend’, she’s seen wearing a brown and maroon plaid suit with a grey strapless crop top inside. A classic with a modern twist. Wearing this makes you feel like a boss, and I’ve seen so many variations in colors- from baby blue to pink. This style is here to stay.

2. Shawn Mendes

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Did I post this picture for Shawn Mendes or #Shawnmilla? I guess we’ll never know. And if you haven’t heard the song of the summer, then you need to listen to senorita asap. Shawn Mendes is a great example of keeping it simple. Either the clothes wear you or you wear clothes. Shawn is a great example of the latter. Often dressed in a white (nicely fitted) shirt and light blue denim. His charisma is what really tops off it all off.

3. Halsey

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Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most stylish of them all? Halsey is not only one of my artists to listen to but I absolutely adore her style. Not only is her makeup gorgeous but every time she dresses up it’s always bold. Sometimes her hair is dyed, or the pieces she wears are super colorful. She definitely stands out of the crowd and her confidence is why she can pull off anything. And that smile, it’s killer.

4. Tom Holland

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Just your local friendly neighborhood spiderman.. but Tom Holland is clearly so much more than that. From the Brother’s Trust Fund to advocating for Pitbulls, you can’t help but admire how he’s handled his new-found and rising fame. But enough gushing about him, this summer he’s pulled off his best looks yet. A dark blue patterned button-up was a perfect outfit for a hot summer day but still looking fashionable. And what he wore for the premiere of Spiderman: Far From Home, was by far one of his best yet. The suit complemented the tone and color-scheme of the event, and I hope he continues in this direction.

5. Kehlani

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I know it’s summer but I’m still a sucker for black clothing. This summer, Kehlani wore a variety of outfits. I honestly never know what she’s going to wear next and I love that. Her all-black outfits with (sometimes) pop of yellow was the most notable for me. And can we take a moment to appreciate how on point her tattoos and makeup is?

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kristy h.
kristy h.


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