Greetings dear readers!

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I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your time wherever you are!

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Today, I am going to tell you about the place I am from.

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For starters, I am going to introduce you to my aloe-vera, named Fido:

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And my apple…I am still working on the name though.

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I am coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be more exact, a small village called Pehari in the net of villages, aka local community of Gornji Veliki Ograđenik in the said country.
I tried Google maps, and Pehari indeed is there.

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Firstly, I would like to get you closer to the name. Since I don’t know how should I translate it, I will translate some words and derive meanings from some after which I will translate.

Pehari is translated as Goblets (My first association is “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” LOL).
Gornji would mean Upper .
Veliki means Big .
And Ograđenik comes from “ograda” , which means Fence , or “ograđen” which means “Fenced” .

I clearly doubt it would be translated to “Upper Big Fence(d)”, despite it does sound cool for a band name don’t you think?

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Okay, so, since in this village there is nothing but houses, a thin road lots of fields and woods, which are magnificent in Spring when everything is green and blooms and even better in Autumn when it is colored in all shades of red, orange, yellow and brown.

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But there are (more or less) nearby places that offer more possibilities. And have rich histories.

The closest place is Čitluk – part of a local community called Brotnjo which is most famous for the fine vine. Name “Brotnjo” was mentioned for the first time in 1306, in trade relations with Dubrovnik.

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One of the most famous places is Međugorje ( my guess is that the most accurate translation would mean “Between the Highlands” ), a small sanctuary very famous for Catholics all around Europe.

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Every year in Međugorje, there is held an “International Youth Festival”. This year it will last from August 1st to August 6th. Every day is filled with all kinds of activities for young people who come from all around Europe, but mostly from Italy and France (good opportunity for me to practice my French, as I will be working my summer job in one hotel).

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Fun fact: Croatian tennis-player Marin Čilić is from Međugorje.

Another more famous place is a city called Mostar which name comes from a word “most” which in English means “bridge” . Indeed, this city is divided into two sides with an Old Bridge which is a famous tourist attraction, as well as the entire Old Town, which is just beautifully constructed. (There are other, smaller bridges, but the Old Bridge carries a huge symbolics.)

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Mostar is among the other things, the closest city that has universities. Our “Sveuciliste u Mostaru” or, in English, “University of Mostar”, consists of 10 faculties and one Academy of Fine Arts, with 50 different majors, 46 specializations and 70 study groups, which makes it one of the most diverse universities in the country.

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I myself am a student there, on Faculty of Philosophy, where I am majoring English and Russian language and literature.

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One of my favorite places in Mostar, where cultural and religious differences are all disappearing because of the music – “Mostar Rock School”. I have been part of that music story as a drummer since October of 2018 and I have already had my first performance May 30th this year which was an amazing experience and I honestly can’t wait to have more of those.

The school organizes concerts where the students show what they have prepared with the help of their mentors and teachers, as each of the session bands plays one cover and one author song.

Every year at the end of June there is held a “Mostar Summer Fest” – where local bands and performers as well those from neighborhood countries are playing concerts a few nights. There is always at least one popular band. I had a great time on last year’s Fest when Prljavo Kazaliste performed.

In the middle of July, there is “Mostar Blues and Rock Fest” where a lot of bands from Mostar Rock School perform too.

There are many interesting and beautiful things to see in Mostar, places with excellent food and places to go out at - doesn’t matter if you are old school fan of rock music (like myself) or you are more into what’s-in-right-now.

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MUST TRY FOOD – ĆEVAPI S LUKOM (I know everybody says it`s Sarajevo thing – but while Klićo`s grill in Čitluk was working, those were the best ćevapi in the whole world, period.)
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BUREK (Meat Pie)

One of my favorites is café and night bar in Old Town, called “Duradžik”, which has Metallica, Iron Maiden and other awesome bands’ logos all over the place – the best bar for all metal and rock music lovers.

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There are often live performances of bands, especially members of Mostar Rock School. My dad used to perform there too, last time ten years ago, and I definitely want to perform there one day as well, be my father’s daughter.

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All of these are not huge or extra modern places. And I honestly, wouldn’t like them to become; small and cozy is what makes them so special and the relaxed vibe makes you feel like home.

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I hope I’ve managed to bring you closer to this corner of Herzegovina that has mostly rainy and cold winters, with snow that falls rarely, but makes problems as soon as it does, and summers that are literally hot as hell. But you have to love them, and this part of the universe.

‘Till the next time,
Yours truly,

This article was written by @angelus_somnia_infernum as a part of the Where I'm From Series on the We Heart It Writers Team.